Every business should have a vision that will act as a guide for leaders to make strategic decisions. However, without real data to back up your decisions, the strategy may not help you reach your ultimate business goals.

This is where data science or business intelligence plays an important role.


What Is Business Intelligence and Why Is It Important?

In short, business intelligence is a combination of technology, approaches, and processes that can translate raw data into actionable insights for businesses. These insights enable business leaders to make better data-driven decisions — improving their chances of success.

two person making a better data driven decision

Supported by data science, businesses will be able to monitor what is currently happening in real-time, understand the reasoning behind certain patterns/trends, and answer questions such as:

  • Which customer segment should we focus on?
  • What is our most profitable source of revenue? What is the reasoning behind it?
  • What kind of marketing efforts work best for our target audience?
    and so much more.

To help business leaders reap the full benefits of data, here is a 3-step plan on how to turn business intelligence into a data-driven business strategy.

1. Visualizing Data
By presenting data in a visually appealing graphical format, businesses can easily identify patterns and trends. Data visualization helps businesses gain a more holistic understanding of what is happening and helps them uncover more valuable insights when compared to tabular or unstructured data.

2. Identifying Patterns and Trends
After converting the data into a visualized format, it is time to identify certain patterns and trends that the data presented. The patterns can show business leaders the best-performing products, days with the most or least traffic, best product bundlings, and so much more.

3. Creating a Data Story
The most important part of business intelligence is analyzing the data and creating a data story that explains the reasoning behind certain patterns or trends. Armed with insights into why certain things happened, businesses can then create data-driven strategies to grow their business exponentially.


Choosing The Right Business Intelligence Tool

Data can be used for various purposes: forecasting, understanding customer behavior, inventory and supply chain management, uncovering trends and new opportunities, etc. In order to unlock the full potential of data analytics, businesses have to choose the right tools.

SYCARDA business intelligence tool Dashboard Sales by Week

A powerful business intelligence tool like SYCARDA, for example, can help businesses gain real-time insights across multiple outlets in one easy-to-navigate user portal. Similar to SAP business intelligence software, SYCARDA will automatically collect sales receipt data from each point of sale (POS) and create easy-to-understand visual reports for business owners.

This makes it easy for businesses to identify certain patterns and trends in their data and translate them into actionable strategies for their growth.

If you are interested in adopting a user-friendly business intelligence tool that can help you craft effective strategies for your business, get in touch with SYCARDA today.



What is Business Intelligence (BI) and why is it essential for businesses?

Business Intelligence, or BI, is a combination of technology, approaches, and processes that transform raw data into actionable insights. BI is vital for businesses as it empowers leaders to make well-informed, data-driven decisions, ultimately improving overall success rates.

How can data visualization enhance the understanding of business data?

Data visualization presents complex data in easily understandable visual formats like charts and graphs. This aids in identifying patterns and trends, enabling businesses to gain comprehensive insights and make strategic decisions based on real-time data analysis.

How does SYCARDA’s BI tool contribute to effective business strategies?

SYCARDA’s BI tool offers real-time insights through user-friendly visual reports, making it easy to understand patterns and trends across multiple outlets. This tool streamlines data analysis, helping businesses transform insights into actionable strategies for growth. Ready to harness the power of data? Contact SYCARDA for a personalized demo or explore our free ebooks for more insights.