Why is it that certain outlets in a chain business can generate more sales than others? Even when they are selling similar products, have similar store sizes, and running similar promotional initiatives?

There are hundreds of different variables to consider; store locations, proximity of competition, local demographics, and so on. In order to understand the reasoning behind certain events, business owners have to be supplied with relevant and real-time data on store performance.

This is where data analytics comes in.

Optimizing Store Performance with Sales Data Analytics

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As a chain business owner, it is important to have a bird’s eye view of the business. Using a data analytics and reporting tool like SYCARDA, business owners can easily monitor and compare the performance of their outlets based on different metrics. For example; overall outlet sales, sales by month, week, day, or even time of the day.

Aside from business owners, this report can be utilized by people from the marketing, sales, or even HR departments. SYCARDA can provide chain business owners with the data, however, the owner or manager is the only one who can make sense of the data.

SYCARDA Dashboard Outlet Historical Sales by Day

For example; There is a huge spike in sales across all outlets on November 26, 2021. The owner and the manager need to figure out what caused such a huge spike in sales that day.

It might be because of a one-day promotion, a special event, or a celebrity coming by the store. They also have to figure out why certain outlets experienced a more significant jump in sales than the rest.

When supported with relevant data, business owners can identify the patterns and correlations between certain events. Understanding the reasoning behind certain events will help business owners figure out what kind of initiatives they can try to drive more traffic into their stores.

SYCARDA Dashboard Outlet Historical Sales by Month

Having a broad overview of the performance of all outlets throughout the year can help the owner understand which outlets are yielding the most revenue, more stable/unstable performance, and which outlets they should focus on.

SYCARDA Dashboard Outlet Performance
Using SYCARDA’s “Outlet Performance” Report, owners can easily know which outlets are underperforming by inputting the amount of revenue they are targeting. This will help with the decision-making process and strategizing.

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Why do certain outlets in chain businesses perform better than others?

Numerous factors contribute to varying outlet performance. Data analytics helps business owners uncover insights to optimize performance.

How can SYCARDA’s “Outlet Performance” Report benefit chain business owners?

SYCARDA’s report empowers owners to monitor and compare outlet performance, identify underperforming outlets, and make informed decisions for strategic improvements.

What role does data analytics play in understanding store performance anomalies?

Data analytics enables business owners to uncover patterns and correlations behind performance anomalies, aiding in understanding and optimizing future performance.