In this era of digitalization, companies that understand how to collect and leverage data properly will be more agile, competitive, and able to stay ahead of their competitors.

And one of the best ways to collect data is by analyzing sales receipts.

For customers, sales receipts may not have much importance other than for record-keeping purposes. But for data analytics companies, sales receipts hold valuable insights that can help business owners come up with better strategies for their businesses.

“Data is going to be the next hot commodity”

Vernon Chua, CEO of Innergia Labs, believes that “Data is going to be the next commodity. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and retailers need to learn and adapt to the current demand to remain relevant”.

Vernon Chua

From each receipt generated by your business, you can gain lots of valuable insight into the buyer’s pattern and behaviour. You can figure out what kind of items they like, when they are most likely to purchase, how much they are willing to pay, which product pairings work best, and so on.

Supported by the powerful insights gained from their sales receipt data, retailers will be able to make better data-driven decisions, create an accurate sales forecast, and boost their profitability and business growth.

A common problem in the retail industry

However, even though sales data is such a powerful tool to leverage, most retailers failed to capitalize on this opportunity appropriately.

holding receipt and tapping on POS system

Many SMEs still collect their data manually due to a lack of resources and affordable data analytics tools. This poses a problem when there are multiple outlets to collect from. The data collection process will be more complicated, requires more time, and the owner will have a hard time creating a holistic report that can help them create a proper strategy.

The perfect solution

In response to this problem, Innergia Labs created an affordable and easy-to-use sales data analytics tool, SYCARDA.

SYCARDA is designed to automatically collect sales receipt data from each point of sale (POS) and transfer it to the cloud for analysis. Users can get real-time business analytics by accessing their user-friendly web portal and will be notified if there are any suspicious transactions.

Manage single outlets or chain stores and franchises

Retailers don’t have to worry about spending money on new hardware or software, because Sycarda is a plug-and-play architecture that sits on top of the retailer’s existing POS infrastructure—allowing for a faster and hassle-free installation process across multiple outlets without disrupting their operations.

SYCARDA can be adopted across various retail sectors that operate with a POS, such as supermarkets, fashion retailers, pharmacies, F&B, and so on.

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What insights can be gained from sales receipt data?

Sales receipt data can provide useful insights into buyer patterns and behaviour, such as favourite items, purchase frequency, price sensitivity, and effective product pairings. These insights assist merchants in making better data-driven decisions and creating realistic sales forecasts.

How can data analytics tools like SYCARDA help retailers?

Data analytics tools like SYCARDA automatically collect and analyze sales receipt data from each point of sale (POS) in real time. Retailers can access user-friendly web portals to view business analytics and receive notifications of any suspicious transactions, helping them make informed decisions and optimize strategies.

Which retail sectors can benefit from using SYCARDA?

SYCARDA can be adopted across various retail sectors that use a POS system, including supermarkets, fashion retailers, pharmacies, F&B outlets, and more. Its plug-and-play architecture allows for easy installation across multiple outlets without disrupting operations.