Linux & Windows Administrator


Your day-to-day job will be monitoring and managing the company Linux and Windows infrastructure stack, in Microsoft Azure, being an excellent communicator and a service oriented professional.  You will also be responsible for keeping abreast of security threats and regularly applying security patches and updates across the infrastructure stack where necessary.  When downtime is required, you are responsible to get consensus and plan the downtime with all impacted teams. 

You will be given the opportunity to become a subject matter expert in one or more areas and receive guidance and mentoring from your colleagues.  


Responsibilities include:

  • Be flexible to work in different shifts. 
  • Use Azure Portal, and other tools to ensure that 99.9% uptime of our systems. 
  • Execute regular maintenance work on infrastructure stack including database. 
  • Review latest security threats and apply necessary patches and updates. 
  • Review cost efficiency and propose changes to the infrastructure if appropriate. 
  • Acquire & coordinate resources from other groups as needed to resolve customer issues. 
  • Manage hot issues by setting expectations, devising action plans, and professionally communicating to all parties involved. 
  • Share knowledge with other engineers and develop responses efficiently. 
  • Communicate and/or document technically complex information. 
  • Continually learn technologies and develop deep expertise in our infrastructure stack. 
  • Own and participate in regular technical triage meetings to share knowledge and develop solutions. 




  • Minimum 5 years of experience administering Linux (boot process, file systems, network device and protocol configuration, updates and patches) 
  • Minimum 5 years of experience administering MS Windows Server 
  • Experienced in understanding and remediating security threats.


  • 1-3 years of experience administering infrastructure in Azure, or AWS/Google. 
  • 3-5 years of experience administering MS SQL Server via SSMS or command-line. 


Linux OSS 

  • Familiarity with one, or more, shell environments (BASH, sh, tcsh, ksh, etc.) 
  • Experience administering Linux (boot process, file systems, network device and protocol configuration) 
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP or Python) 
  • Familiarity with core OS services such as: SSH, telnet, FTP, NFS, DNS, DHCP, Samba, LDAP 
  • Experience with Linux script-based development environments and tools (PERL, Python, Ruby, PhP, etc.) preferred

Operating System/Virtualization 

  • Familiarity with LDAP, Security, OS Internals concepts 
  • Understanding of Virtualization concepts and virtual system administration
  • Cloud experience preferred. 



  • Familiarity with SQL language (ANSI/T-SQL); SELECT, JOINS, EXEC 
  • Familiarity with MS SQL Server; Tables, Views, Stored Procedures 



  • Familiarity with networking concepts including VIPs, NAT, DNS 
  • Familiarity with networking tools (ping, tracert, tracemon, tcpdump, etc.) 
  • Understanding of the OSI model and related concepts 
  • Understanding of load balancing, geo-redundancy, CDN and VPN technologies preferred 



B.Sc. degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience

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