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Elaine Chai from Tigas Pharmacy utilises SYCARDA's retail data and business intelligence platform.

Elaine Chai

Store & Area Manager Tigas Pharmacy

SYCARDA helps us understand the sales and transaction patterns, monitoring and auditing every transaction made on our POS systems with comprehensive business reporting. These reports help me see if I am pricing my items correctly. With the related items report, I can do targeted promotions at different outlets depending on which products are bought alongside each other.

The sales pattern report helps identify peak hours so that outlet managers can arrange their staff schedules to ensure that customers get better service. SYCARDA helps identify the movement of products and helps in procurement planning to avoid out of stock situations. The sales audit feature also helps me identify discrepancies and validate our POS sales report.

Felix Yang of Movida Group enjoys using SYCARDA's retail data analysis and business intelligence platform for his pharmaceutical business.

Felix Yang

Director at MOVIDA Group

SYCARDA makes life easy. I don't need to pick the phone up anymore and call the managers of my 35 outlets. It takes a long time to go through data and consolidate reports, but with click of a button, I can receive correctly filtered real-time data captured accurately.

It truly is amazing and reminds me of how I felt when we could start receiving emails on our phones for the first time! SYCARDA provides us with data that helps us visualise clearly, helping steer our decision making. I can see how a new lunch promotion is doing at what hour at each of my outlets in real-time.

Asher Looi from Goobat Pharmacy has found SYCARDA retail data analysis and business intelligence platform to be useful for his pharmaceutical retail business.

Asher Looi

Co-Founder of Goobat Pharmacy

SYCARDA helps us narrow down the transaction information that we need in real-time. With real-time information, we can know whether the promotion is working or not.

With SYCARDA, its simple to visualise my unique transaction data patterns and make swift decisions to adjust a campaign if it is not working or only working on a specific day or time. Using this information, we can choose to run the promotion or voucher codes at a specific time to drive traffic at different times of the day with the promotion that we will deploy.


Grand Imperial Joshua for SYCARDA Testimonial


Owner of Grand Imperial

“We find that SYCARDA is useful for us in restaurant performance monitoring & inventory tracking. In Grand Imperial, we go through thousands of transactions daily & there are many raw data. So now we’re moving towards digitalisation era, more electronic systems to deal with this sort of thing.

With SYCARDA, it can convert raw data into useful information such as outlet sales pattern & SKU volume movement that can help us adjust our restaurant operations to enhance what we’re doing, we can clearly monitor and understand how the operation runs.”


The Perfect Topping for Fino Piza SYCARDAs Technology Solutions frame at 3m37s uai

JJ, Jet & Shaufi

Founder & Co-Founders of Fino Piza

"I think it's critical for us to truly understand what the customer wants. And we are actually going back to sort of kind of basics to focus on our immediate local area, right to be a blessing to the local community here to really understand what they eat, what time they eat, their eating behaviours. And I believe that the SYCARDA that's available to us is there today."-JJ the Founder

"SYCARDA helps us more intelligent sense of customer behavior, purchase patterns, and more valuable information behind the numbers that we can read the business more accurately or read our customers more accurately or read the season more accurately. So we have reports generated daily by our restaurant managers and it's a finger on the pulse of what's generally going on."-Jet the Co-founder

"SYCARDA surely helps us manage our business better and help us manage our stocks, manage our inventory, help us keep track of all our sales. This little information is vital for us in operation. We know, what item to order more, what item to order less, and what item to push. So SYCARDA really does help a lot."-Shaufi the Co-founder & Head Chef