Snippet: Data analytics has become the key to improving various aspects of a business — including customer service.

Customer needs and expectations are constantly evolving, especially when it comes to the customer service experience.

In this fast-paced environment, customers don’t want to be transferred from person to person and answer repetitive questions to find an answer. They also don’t want to talk with a rudimentary bot that doesn’t understand their needs.

When faced with these hurdles, customers quickly feel frustrated and it will impact the whole experience. So how do we resolve this issue?

Supported with various technological advancements, data analytics has become the key to improving various aspects of a business — including customer service. Here are a few ways you can leverage data to improve customer service.

Tracking consumer behavior & personalization

One of the most important uses of data analytics is sifting through a customer’s purchase history to figure out how much the customer has spent, how often, and most importantly — on what products or services.

When supported with those data, you can come up with personalized marketing strategies and product offers based on their preferences. For example, pharmaceutical companies can send reminders for refills or product recommendations based on the customer’s health condition. Doing this will provide added value for the customers, build trust, and boost brand loyalty.

Effectively fixing customer service issues

Using the data gained from customer feedback surveys, call or chat transcripts between the customer and your team, you can gain a lot of valuable insights about customer concerns. Social media can also help you identify current problems the customers are facing.

Gaining these insights will enable you to quickly identify and fix customer service issues that can frustrate your customers. You can also figure out which point of contact requires more attention and organize your team accordingly.

When supported with relevant, real-time data and a deep understanding of your customer behavior, you can resolve issues quickly and accurately. Data analytics can eliminate the need to ask multiple questions to customers to figure out what they actually need — providing the customers with a much enjoyable experience.

When you leverage a powerful data analytics tool like SYCARDA, you gain actionable insights and build customer-centric strategies for your business — including how to provide better customer service.

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