Inventory Monitoring

SYCARDA's Inventory Insights module allows business owners and managers to practice just-in-time inventory monitoring - tracking raw materials, finished products and their consumption.

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inventory monitoring

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Related key reports

9.1.1 Revenue Insights Gross Profit by Outlet

Gross Profit

This report shows Outlet profitability by reviewing Gross Profits and Cost of Goods Sold. Gross profit is determined by subtracting the cost of goods sold (COGS) from Revenue (Sales). The information gives you insights when negotiating with your suppliers, in return, increases Gross Profit for your outlet.

Quantity Alerts

Quantity Alerts lets you know when your inventory levels are falling too low, out of stocked, or near to reorder levels by Outlet.

This powerful report helps you to actively plan, manage and monitor your inventory anytime, every time.

8.1.1 Inventory Reports Quantity Alerts
8.1.2 Inventory Reports On Hand Valuation

On-hand Valuation

A useful report to help you manage any business risk where it helps you determine the value of the on-hand quantity of each item and consider insurance protection of the value of the on-hand valuation.

Transaction Movement

This report allows you to check all transactions made by SKUs in the period you select. With this, you will have access to information of input, output, returns, purchases, sales, profit, and inventory.

8.1.4 Inventory Reports Transaction Movement
8.1.5 Inventory Reports Item Usage

Item Usage

This report shows you movement of your inventories. You can use Item Usage Report to get a quick glance at the information related to inventory items. It helps you to plan the inventory movement for your outlets.

BOM Explosion

The BOM Explosion report displays the bill of material for a finished product. This report view help better manage cost of consumed raw material by identifying expensive raw materials, thus increasing the Gross Profit.

8.1.7 Inventory Reports BOM
8.1.8 Inventory Reports BOM Implosion

BOM Implosion

The BOM Implosion report shows you how fast raw materials are being consumed and the finished products that are contributing to the fast usage of raw materials. It helps you to plan, manage and forecast on raw materials to effectively push profitable finished products, hence increasing sales.

On Hand Consumption

This report shows you how On Hand Consumption report is used to determine how quickly your Outlet consumes the average inventory available on hand.

This report shows the liquidity of your outlets, where low On Hand Consumption indicates that it takes a short period to clear inventory, hence the outlet is performing well with healthy sales transactions.

8.1.9 Inventory Reports On Hand Consumption