Transaction Patterns

SYCARDA gives business owners and managers real-time insights to transaction patterns so that they can see when and how their sales transaction happens and provide them with a valuable tool to plan.

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transaction patterns

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2.1.1 Sales Pattern Transaction by Period

Transactions by Period

The Transaction by Period Report gives you a comprehensive breakdown of transactions of your stores by hour, daily or even weekly.

Use the insights on transactions to give you powerful indicators of your store's performance for you to plan, manage and forecast resource needed for your store.

Sales Pattern by Period

Provides insights to daily and monthly sales pattern by merging sales transaction and sales amount to monitor, evaluate, analyze, and determine sales trends for your store.

Use the information to plan, manage and forecast sales productivity or even special promotions.

2.1.2 Sales Pattern Sales Pattern by Period
2.1.3 Sale Basket Sales

Basket Sales

Make quick powerful strategic decisions with an overview of basket sales or ticket size during a specified time.

Use the information to understand SKU's performance or to plan for promotions and campaigns.

Average Basket Sales Over Time

In addition to Basket Sales view, use the Average Basket Sales Over Time to understand performance your Outlet's income over time.

Use the information to design effective business plans to entice increase customer spending, promotions or marketing campaigns and activities.

2.1.4 Sale Average Basket Sales Over Time