Snippet: Nowadays, many businesses have already leveraged data. However, are they able to gain actionable insights and fully reap the benefits of their data?

Have you utilized data in your business?

Even back in 2013, many businesses were already aware that data will be a game-changer in how we do business. Nowadays, many organizations around the world have already leveraged data, especially when it comes to sales and supply chain management.

The only question is, are they able to fully reap the benefits of data?

Collecting data is not enough

Marketers need to understand that data itself is not a solution — it’s simply information that can help solve specific business problems in your organization by providing you with insights into consumer behavior and business processes when analyzed.

However, the valuable insights most businesses are looking for comes from analyzing relevant data and mapping it back to specific issues that the company is facing — not just by collecting data.

This is why collecting data is just the first step. In order to fully reap the benefits of data, you need to understand your company’s biggest issues, and then leverage data analysis along with data storytelling to address those challenges.

Importance of data analytics tool in providing valuable insights

In order for marketers to analyze data with ease, they need to have a tool that could give them access to holistic reports based on real-time data — a tool like SYCARDA.

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Using SYCARDA, businesses can easily collect information on their best-selling products, specific consumer behavior, and so much more. Just like SAP business intelligence software, SYCARDA is designed to automatically collect sales receipt data from each point of sale (POS) and transfer it to the cloud which can be accessed through their user-friendly web portal.

By having access to relevant and comprehensive data, you can easily connect the dots and build a powerful narrative that explains the “why” behind certain events. Your data story will be the driving force for tackling issues in your company. It will ensure that your team actually understands the insights gained from the data, and able to turn them into real strategies to improve your business moving forward.

SYCARDA has helped more than 800 outlets around the globe (this includes supermarkets, f&b, pharmacies, fashion) gain valuable insights from their data and turn them into actionable strategies to drive business growth.

Now it’s your turn to reap the full benefits of data analytics. Reach out to us today!