Cloud-based retail data analytics solution

SYCARDA is an acronym for the “Systematic Collection and Analysis of Retail Data” and is a cloud-based retail data analytics solution that helps you as a retailer or F&B operator reduce your costs and increase your revenues through the insights gained from your own real-time transaction data.

Our proprietary technology automatically captures, consolidates, analyses and visualises your offline and online transactional data with no integration or external hardware, thus eliminating human error and reducing man hours spent on collating data.

SYCARDA complements any existing Point-of-Sale system you may have by providing hundreds of insightful reports that your sales, operations, finance, marketing and HR will find indispensable.

Our clients include F&Bs, pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores, hypermarkets, shopping malls and FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. We are rapidly expanding with more than 50 partners operating across ASEAN.

Our Mission

  • Introduce and provide SME retailers access to data insights to their business that larger retailers and ecommerce vendors enjoy to help them SAVE and MAKE money.
  • To help them monitor their stores more efficiently to reduce any shrinkage and pilferage either by employee theft or wastage in stock.
  • To help them merge and track their online and offline sales should they go omnichannel.
  • We help SMEs retail businesses grow and scale by empowering them with an affordable solution to achieve comprehensive data insights which will lead to data-driven strategies and decisions.

Founder and CEO

Vernon Chua is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Innergia Labs, where he drives the business’s vision and ambition towards a global presence while taking a hands-on approach to new product developments and market entries.

Vernon’s passion for Information Technology started in his teens and has not wavered since. After receiving his Bachelor of Information Systems from the University of Melbourne, he began his career as an analyst programmer in Melbourne.

Since then, he has gathered a wealth of experience in various roles — as a consultant leading a team providing project management services to a government-linked financial institution; and, as a partner at an IT firm overseeing the development and commercialisation of new products and technologies — before starting Innergia Labs.

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SYCARDA is a one-stop integrated solution

SYCARDA is an integrated POS data analytics solution which incorporates Data Capture, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, and a Business Intelligence Platform for retail businesses.

Data Capture

Extracting information from various data sources and converting it into data readable by a computer

Data Engineering

Cleansing and transforming data into a usable format

Data Analysis

Review data to discover useful information, conclusions and support decision making.


Analyse predictions based on data models

Our Team Values

As a hardcore technology firm we value and appreciate continuous learning, innovation and personal responsibility. We practice what we refer to as our FORT values: Focus, Open, Responsible & Timely

We are focused on being the best at what we do, whether as a company or as a team member. You’re an administrator? Keep learning to become the best administrator possible. You’re a developer? Keep growing in your coding abilities. You’re the CEO? Keep learning how to build your people and grow your company.

We believe in open communication at every level. If you have an idea, share it. If you think we’re making a mistake say it. We hired you because you’re smart so we want to hear you. That being said you must be willing to hear us as well.

We take full responsibility to deliver every piece of work entrusted to us because we know our failures will impact not just us but our customers and our team members. We do not play the blame game, instead we own our mistakes and learn from them because that’s how we grow.

We know that time is of the essence for everything we do and we don’t want anyone working crazy hours every day. Our ability to deliver things on time at work enables us to then have the necessary time for our faith, our family, our friends. We believe in flexibility and allowing our team to govern their own time and take pride that many of our younger team members can become the primary caregivers for their ageing parents while working with us.

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