A comprehensive software solution designed to solve food and beverage ordering and inventory challenges.

PUPA provides valuable insights and streamlines inventory management, helping businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency, and make data-driven decisions for success in the industry.

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How will you benefit from SYCARDA's PUPA module?

Track Stock Transfer Between Outlet

Avoid Stockouts

Prevent Fraudulent Purchases

Prevent Over / Under Ordering

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Inventory Insights Approval Hierarchy

Approval Hierarchy

Every business needs a control for amount spent on Purchased Items.

Use an Approval Hierarchy to define which employees can approve Requisitions of certain amounts. The Approval Hierarchy mimics your organisation hierarchy.

Create Req. Order

Request Order is a shopping list.

The requestor can utilize this form to make a list of requested items. And then add or delete items from that list of requested items.

This list will be used to place an order with Procurement Officer / HQ.

Inventory Insights Create Request Order
Inventory Insights Assign Request Order

Assign Req. Order

Requisitions are normally created by a Procurement Officer or someone in HQ.

This form allows you to group Requests from multiple sources and assign them to a Vendor.

Only people who have authorization to assign a requisition to a vendor will have access to this form.

PO Dashboard & Delivery Order

Use PO Dashboard to manage Requisitions, POs and the Approval Cycle.

Inventory Insights PO Dashboard
Inventory Insights Inventory Transfer

Inventory Transfer

Inventory Transfer move items from one Location to Another Location.

An inventory transfer creates 2 material transactions. A Misc receipt that increases the On-hand Quantity of an item at one location. And a Misc Issue that decreases the On-hand Quantity of an item at another Location.


A wastage transaction decreases OnHand Inventory and is considered a Write Off. Wastage occurs when goods become damaged or unusable.

For instance, unused (perishable) food that passes its expiration date and has to be thrown away is considered Wastage.

Inventory Insights Wastage