Promotional Efficacy

SYCARDA tracks SKU and sales data in a manner that it allows business owners and managers to measure promotional efficacy and allows them to learn for past promotions and plan for the future more effectively.

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promotional efficacy

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Related key reports

4.1.1 Sale Compare Date Ranges

Compare Date Ranges

Compare date ranges allow you to select two date ranges or date comparisons to view specific performances of your business activities in a graph chart.

Use this feature to understand, monitor and assess insights into any promotions / campaigns / festivities / marketing related activities of your Outlet.

SKU Date Range

This report allows you to compare the sales of a particular SKU across two identical campaigns were performed over a distinct period.

This graphical line chart report also allows for a single or combination promotional views. Examine the efficacy of campaigning the SKU for more informed decision making on future campaigns / promotions / marketing approach.

4.1.2 SKUs SKU Date Range
4.1.3 SKUs SKU Report

SKU Report

This report provides the insights of top performing or non-performing SKUs according to its total amount transacted within a selected period.

This report allows you multiple views such as: -
1) By Occurrence
2) By Quantity
3) By Store
4) By Location
5) By Daily or hourly basis

Related Items Purchased

This report gives insights into the purchases made for various items in your stores. Pairing related items information helps you to plan your purchasing decisions or plan store promotions effectively.

More than that, know your customers choices better and increase sales for your stores.

This report has several views you can use to get Related Items Purchased where you can view by:
1) By date range
2) By Location Type (city, outlet, state)
3) By Location
4) By item search keyword(s)
5) By Advanced search

Get reports on your SKUs, Related Items Purchased with SYCARDA's POS data analysis software and business intelligence platform.