SYCARDA's retail data analysis and BI platform is useful for businesses from all industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SYCARDA is a retail data analytics platform that is able to automatically CAPTURE, CONSLIDATE, ANALYZE all your retail transactional data in real time from the point of sale (POS) system and VISUALISE the data into 100+ expertly curated Sales Insights Reports.

We have built our platform to help achieve comprehensive retail data analytics and serve as a business intelligence service provider for all SMEs retail businesses without the need for integration or external hardware. We work with most major POS systems, Loyalty programs, system integrators and other retail system providers.

Giving you deeper business insights in Anytime. Anywhere.
Enabling SME retail business to increase sales and reduce costs.

SYCARDA, Systematic Collection & Analysis of Retail Data Platform is designed to automatically collect sales receipt data from each point of sale (POS) and transfer it to the cloud so that users can get Real-Time access to various reports in their user-friendly web portal.

  • Looking at multiple excel sheets for analysis reporting
  • Tired & frustrated with numbers only reports
  • Unable to compare promo effectiveness
No time to analyze customer purchasing habits
ERP data automation and consolidation is too expensive

  • Empower your retail clients improve retail business revenue & reduce operational costs.
  • Clients able to REAL-TIME tracking multiple retail stores performance in anytime & anywhere with mobile & desktop device & user-friendly to view.
  • Clients able can understand retail business performance in summary & breakdown details with SYCARDA Dashboard.
  • Clients have faster & accurate decision making with full data-driven business insights.

Clients are able to make successful marketing campaigns with trackable SMART goals via SYCARDA system support.


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Start earning from payments made by referred customers. The wider your network is, the more you will get, there are no limits to how much you can earn with SYCARDA!

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