Know Your Customers

SYCARDA allows business owners and managers to know their customers better, giving them valuable insights on their shopping activity patterns, payments methods and more.

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know your customers

How will you benefit from SYCARDA's Know Your Customers module?

Business Management

Revenue Management

Know Your Customers with SYCARDA's retail data analytics and business intelligence platform.

Customer Relationship Management

Sales & Marketing

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5.1.1 Sale Payment Method

Payment Method

Understand the types payment methods used in your stores. Use this report insights to plan and explore your promotions with your payment merchants or be ahead the curve in embracing of new payment technologies for your business.

Transaction by Period

The Transaction by Period Report gives you a comprehensive breakdown of transactions of your stores by hour, daily or even weekly.

Use the insights on transactions to give you powerful indicators of your store's performance for you to plan, manage and forecast resource needed for your store.

5.1.2 Sales Pattern Transaction by Period
5.1.3 SKUs SKU Quantity by Hour

SKU Quantity by Hour

Understanding SKU patterns gives you powerful hourly insights for effective planning and forecast of sales, SKU, promotions and delivery strategies for your stores.

This report shows you multiple views of your SKU hourly patterns

  1. By store location
  2. By Date Period
  3. By SKU type
  4. By total quantity of SKU

Member Sales

Provides insights on your membership programs and track its performance. Also you can quickly compare the sales comparison generated from your member versus non member customers.

Use the information to powerfully step up membership programs and win customer loyalty.

5.1.4 Membership Reports Member Sales