Revenue & Profitability

SYCARDA's real-time revenue monitoring can be supplemented by the Revenue Insights module that will track your expenses and business costs to provide business owners and managers with profitability tracking

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revenue and profitability

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Related key reports

9.1.1 Revenue Insights Gross Profit by Outlet

Gross Profit by Outlet

This report shows an Outlet profitability by reviewing Gross Profits and Cost of Goods Sold. Gross profit by Outlet is determined by subtracting the cost of goods sold (COGS) from Revenue (Sales).

Use this to know your best performing outlets or to improve outlet performance.

Historical Gross Profit

This report shows historical profitability trends, which are powerful insights to enable you to reach higher gross profit margin, with effective pricing strategies for your business.

9.1.2 Revenue Insights Historical Gross Profit
9.1.4 Revenue Insights Expenses by Outlet

Expense by Outlet

Use this report to view the total number of sales versus the total number of sales targets, based on either the outlet or different time frames.

Historical Expenses

This report provides historical trends on the Outlet's expenses.

Use the information for quick understanding of fixed and variable expenses based on historical trends to forecast ways to effectively lower costs and increase profits.

9.1.5 Revenue Insights Historical
9.1.6 Revenue Insights Outlet vs Average

Outlet vs Average Expenses

This report provides information on the Outlet's expenses versus other outlet's average Expenses.

Use the insights to plan and identify essential ways and Outlets to effectively lower costs, for overall growth in your business profits.

Historical EBITDA

This Historical EBITDA report shows the Outlet's historical calculated earnings (but excludes any centralised overheads or costs, and any provisions or payments in respect of taxation) of the Outlet. This will show the historical percentage (%) contribution trends of Outlet's EBITDA to your Business as a whole.

9.1.8 Revenue Insights Historical EBITDA
9.1.9 Revenue Insights Outlet vs Average EBITDA

Outlet vs Average EBITDA

This report shows the Outlet’s EBITDA versus the other outlets EBITDA. This insight allows you to make any critical changes to outlet strategies based on top contributing outlets, or outlets to improve their EBITDA contribution and standing in your business model.